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Investor Pitch Deck Template

13 slides

Clean and laconic investor pitch deck template that will ease your process and save you time

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Succeeding in funding for your company it’s a huge deal. Let us ease your process with this investor pitch deck template. Clean design and nothing superfluous make this template easy to adapt for any kind of product.

3 things to winning investor presentation

1. Do not overwhelm

They want to see, not read. Always try to break down your information if it’s too long. Don’t be afraid to split it into several slides. It’s not about the number of slides, but the time they planning to spend on your deck. And they definitely don't want to spend more than a minute to understand just one slide with a huge amount of text. Clear structure, big headings, short paragraphs, and more things to “see”.

2. Speak easy

Adapt your narrative to sound easy for everyone. Not just for you. Try to avoid extremely specific details and focus on the big picture. If you know what you’re doing doesn’t mean they do. Let someone from aside take a look at your deck and ask them how it sounds.

3. Clear Ask

I want $1M. Okay. For what? Explain what you want and how you’re willing to spend their money clearly and descriptive. But before that explain how you plan to generate the $$$.

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