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Sales Deck Template

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Bold-made Sales Deck Template with all the necessary slides for perfect sales presentation.

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Create a winning sales presentation with this presentation template. Clear structure, big headings, and contrasting colors easily bring the potential customer's attention and lead him through your product.

3 core things for any sales deck presentation

1. More visual less text

Each sales deck has just one main goal. You know what I mean. And no one will buy via a bunch of texts. Always try to show visually rather than describe using text. They are always willing to skip every slide with long paragraphs.

2. Keep it simple

But don’t try to overwhelm your slides with too much “visualizing”. It is crucial to keep the balance. The sales deck should attract potential customers to your product or service. Do not tell everything, keep essentials.

3. Clear CTA

Now when you get attention it is time to include the most important part of the sales funnel. It’s Call to action. Try to avoid using just an email or a phone number as a CTA. Give them something to try. It could be a demo of your product on a website, mobile app, etc. So they can try before buying which hugely increases the trust and respectively the chance of conversion.

How to use this sales deck template

1) Make it yours

This template is available for the most popular presentation software and is extremely easy to use. Change the colors, replace fonts, and make it look as you wish. It’s never been so easy.

2) Insert your content

Prepare your content in advance. Write texts for each slide and prepare your visual. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

3) Share and analyse

Just include the UTM link in your CTA, share your masterpiece sales deck, and track the result.

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